Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment becomes essential when decay from a cavity penetrates deep into the tooth, affecting the nerve and pulp in the tooth’s interior. This situation often results in significant pain and swelling, challenging to alleviate with common over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. The pain arises due to an infection spreading to the pulp, the tissue housing blood vessels and nerves connected to the tooth. Rather than extracting the entire tooth, a root canal procedure aims to preserve the tooth.

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Damage typically begins when an untreated infection affects the nerve and surrounding tissue, allowing bacteria to multiply. If ignored, the infection can extend throughout the mouth and potentially impact other parts of the body. During a root canal treatment, the infected pulp and nerve are removed, and the interior of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate all bacteria and infection. Subsequently, the root canal is filled to prevent the infiltration of additional bacteria or debris, averting further complications.

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Root Canal Treatment

Need for a root canal procedure

While many individuals fear the procedure due to the involvement of nerves, the pain associated with a root canal arises from an infection around the tooth’s root or a dying nerve. The root canal procedure effectively eliminates pain and eradicates the source of infection, facilitating the healing of surrounding tissue and maintaining a blood supply to the tooth. This dual outcome involves the removal of infection and pain, ultimately preserving the tooth.

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